Patient Testimonials

Our patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Jubal and Dr. Melissa Matthews and Jubilee Family Chiropractic!

Judson T.
Colic Resolved!
Staff Member
Judson suffered with severe colic as an infant, constantly fussing and crying. When he started care he was taking Zantac and within a few visits he was showing significant improvement.Through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments his symptoms have now completely resolved and he no longer requires medication to manage his symptoms and he is able to be his happy and outgoing self.
Selena M.
Better Pregnancy
Staff Member
Selena was an established patient in our office who enjoyed a better quality pregnancy utilizing chiropractic care as an integral part of her second pregnancy. When it came time for her to deliver she was able to achieve her goal and enjoy a quick and natural delivery. According to Selena, "Not only did chiropractic care really benefit me during my pregnancy, but it really helped with my healing after the birth of my son."
Maddox J.
Torticollis Resolved!
Staff Member
Since birth Maddox suffered with severe torticollis. He had an extremely restricted range of motion with his head and a bald spot on one side. He began care at our office at only three months old and after his first gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment his torticolis improved and eventually resolved completely. He has experienced a complete restoration in range of motion which allowed his hair to grow back in at the bald spot. His mother also noted that his colic and constipation issues completely resolved through chiropractic care.
Allie F.
Ear Infections Resolved!
Staff Member
When Allie started care in our office she was suffering from frequent, recurring ear infections. Her next step after frequent rounds of antibiotics was surgery to have tubes put into her ears. A friend recommended Jubilee Family Chiropractic to her dad and with gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments Allie was able to avoid surgery and her number of ear infections has reduced to almost zero.
Nancy M.
Better Sleep!
Staff Member
Nancy originally came into our office to help with pain. She soon told us her gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments were helping with something more. "I wasn't sleeping well or very long at night, but I didn't know chiropractic could help with that. I initially came in for low back and hip pain. Now my pain is managed and I am sleeping better when I come in regularly for my adjustments."
Heather T.
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Improved!
Staff Member
Heather has suffered from severe hip and knee pain due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She frequently would have difficulty walking and relied upon cortisone injections just to manage her pain. At her very first visit into our office she hobbled in and thanks to gentle and specific chiropractic was able to walk out normally. Since being under care Heather wants you to know, "I know longer need cortisone injections!"