Massage Therapy

What is massage therapy?

Therapeutic massage is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body through various techniques to achieve a desired outcome. 

Why do we do massage therapy?

Fun fact: Massage Therapy is a form of healthcare, not simply a luxury! Research has proven that in stimulating the muscles and other tissues of the body while soothing the nervous system (as well as all the other many wonderful things that happen in the body during a massage), therapeutic massage gives your body the tools it needs to heal itself from the inside out. Much like chiropractic care, massage therapy focuses on healing the body as a whole and addressing the root of the problem rather than just managing the symptoms. This modality of treatment is a fantastic combination with chiropractic care to help promote the highest level of health and wellness! 

If you're interested in conducting further research on your own, here are several accurate, trustworthy resources to provide more condition-specific information on how therapeutic massage can be helpful to you!



Massage Therapy Resources: 

Massage for women- period pain, prenatal care, therapy during labor, perimenopause and menopause, mental health


Benefits of massage therapy for the general population, complete with a comprehensive list of resources at the end of studies and research to support these claims.


Educational resources for those skeptical of receiving massage, as well as several handouts. They also have references to science-based resources backing every claim they make.